Broadcasting Standards Authority

Broadcasters are obliged by law to maintain certain standards. People have a legal right to make formal complaints if they think the standards have been breached. Formal complaints must be in writing and sent to broadcasters first and they must have procedures to deal with such complaints. If a complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome … Continued


POWERSWITCH is a free, independent online service provided by the Consumers’ Institute with the support of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Use PowerSwitch to compare what you’re paying against other prices offered in the market. Very easy online questionnaire to follow.

Disputes Tribunal

  Disputes Tribunals are: informal inexpensive quick private Disputes Tribunals are not like formal courts. There are no lawyers or judges. Disputes are heard by a referee who has been carefully selected and trained. A referee is someone who will either help you to come to your own solution or will determine your dispute. Any … Continued