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Why practice gentle yoga as an older adult?
Research has shown that older adults who participate in Gentle Yoga experience a wide range of positive effects including maintained or increased mobility, balance, strength, while promoting good bone and joint health. Along with the physical elements, Gentle Yoga can improve memory, mental health, and sleep patterns.

What is Gentle Yoga at Yoga by Karma?
This class focuses on assisting older adults or those with a need for a more gentle and therapeutic approach to yoga. It enables people to safely maintain and increase mobility while gently building stability. With a focus on easeful movement that suits your needs, your teacher will assist you to either use props, or help to modify poses for your unique body. Along with the physical elements to gentle yoga, breath awareness and guided meditation practice will leave you feeling vibrant and healthier. These yoga classes can be practiced on a chair for those whom are less mobile. There is wheelchair access and upon request, transport to and from the venue you can be pre-arranged through an independent company.

Why come to our purpose built yoga studio?
It gets you out and about into the beautiful country-side close to the city, the location is truly tranquil, the studio is a serene space that stirs all your senses with beautiful sounds, smells, lights, and a water fountain… giving you the whole experience of a retreat, even if it’s just for an hour you will feel like bliss!

Class cost:
Seniors Pass: $16
Bookings can be made via our easy online booking system, telephone, or email.
Please check the calendar online or inquire for days and times that suit your needs.


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