Graffiti Hotline



941 8999

Graffiti Hotline



If you have seen tagging or your property has been tagged please report this to Christchurch City Council phone (03) 941 8999 and for Banks Peninsula residents 0800 800 169 or email . It is important to report this as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made to have it removed (if it fits within the criteria offered by Christchurch City Council).
When you report the graffiti you will need to include the following information:
Your contact details
The physical location
What surface is the tag on? i.e. a concrete wall, a wooden fence
Colour for repainting
Method of tagging i.e. marker pen, spray paint
A photo of the tag if possible (this will be used to help us identify the tagger and trends)
Christchurch City Council takes graffiti seriously. Even if you have cleaned up the graffiti yourself, or if it is not on council owned property, we would still like to know about it. Any information you provide us will be added to our database (photos are especially useful). This helps us identify trends and also assist the Police to identify the tagger which can lead to a successful arrest and prosecution.
To report graffiti that you have cleaned up yourself or that is not on council owned property, or for any other queries please contact us at:
Phone: (03) 941 8999


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