Healthy Eating Healthy Ageing (Nutrition)



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Jemma Lilly



Healthy Eating, Healthy Ageing is a public health project which aims to improve the physical activity levels and the nutritional wellbeing of community-living older people (aged 65 years or close to 65 with age-related conditions) in Canterbury. The project is delivered by a registered dietitian and an administrator based at The Princess Margaret Hospital, Canterbury District Health Board, Christchurch.


  1. Professional development for health professionals and community workers:
    The project team can deliver in depth training on specific dietary issues for older people, such as nutrition and bone health, nutrition for age related diseases and weight management.
  2. Community based education programmes: We are available to provide support to existing programmes and facilitate the development of new community-based education
    programmes aimed at increasing knowledge and skills of community members, about nutrition & physical activity for older people.
  3. Information and resources:
    The project team develop accurate and up-to-date nutrition and physical activity information/resources for older people. We are
    also able to provide articles/promotions on healthy food choices and physical activity for older people to the media
  4. Advocacy and advice:
    The project team are available to support and facilitate the development and implementation of nutrition and physical activity policies and education programmes for older people in key settings including PHOs, older people’s support groups and organisations.


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