Hop Card – Seniors public transport in Auckland



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If travelling to Auckland and you wish to take advantage of the Gold Card concessions you need to buy a gold AT HOP card and load a SuperGold concession on to it. The card costs $10.00 and you must load $5.00 onto it at the time of purchase. Gold AT HOP cards can be purchased from many retailers, train stations and bus depots, in the Auckland area. They are called AT Customer Service Centres.

With your current Super Gold card and your AT HOP card, (along with a current ID eg. drivers licence or passport for identification), the  AT Customer Service Centre will load the concession onto the new gold AT Hop card. You will be able to use your new AT HOP card immediately.

A well know AT Customer Service Centre is:

Britomart customer service centre, Britomart transport centre, 8-10 Queen St, Auckland CBD

Britomart ticket office, Britomart transport centre, 8-10 Queen St, Auckland CBD

See others on: https://at.govt.nz/bus-train-ferry/at-hop-card/at-hop-retailers/


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