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Stomal Therapy

Information, advice and support is available if you have, or are expecting to have a stoma. Stomal therapy supports you to live with a stoma independently, comfortably and with dignity.

The comprehensive service includes education prior to surgery, visits (in hospital and at home after discharge), arranging ostomy equipment, appliances and/or stomal supplies, clinics for regular checks and assessments, access to a dietitian and referral to other health professionals and agencies.

Complex Wound Service

Nurses assess, manage and advise on chronic, complex wounds and leg ulcers in our specialist wound care clinics. They also provide care plans, follow-up and prevention programmes such as compression hosiery. A dietitian is available if required.

We also provide consultation and advice to GP’s, community and practice nurses, rest homes and private hospitals.

Continence Service

We provide support, assessment, treatment and education for anyone over four years of age with a continence issue, including difficulty getting to the toilet on time, frequent visits to the toilet, bladder leakage when coughing, sneezing or exercising, or bowel leakage.

Infusion Services

The Infusion Service provides support to patients requiring intravenous access for infusions such as antibiotic therapy and Aclasta. Services are provided at our Merivale-based clinic, but alternative arrangements can be made if required.

Diabetes Service

Providing support and information to general practice for managing people with Type 2 diabetes in the community, including assistance with the start of insulin or changes in medication. The service provides access to specialist nurses and a dietitian. Appointments are by arrangement in partnership with your GP Practice.

Clinic Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday (by appointment only)





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