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Let food be your medicine
Fresh, easy, nourishing and delicious pureed food that looks and tastes really good.
Particularly appropriate for those who find it difficult or impossible to eat normal food, requiring a radically modified diet that is safe to swallow.

Research revealed the eating experience for far too many people was distressing. They can be forced to consume unappealing purées, resorting to baby food, or most worryingly, simply giving up and no longer eating at all.

If texture modified foods are nutritious and delicious then quality of life will be significantly improved. Consumers receive a balanced diet and can still enjoy the eating experience.

Sam Bridgewater (Founder) and Maia and George (Co-founders) began researching texture modified foods and spoke to caregivers, patients, doctors, dentists and clinicians who specialised in eating difficulties that make it difficult to chew, swallow or digest. They developed a plan for an alternative and set to work with a team of experts to create Pure Food.

The result is a triumph of taste in a range of fresh, easy to provide, nourishing and delicious meals; pure and gentle soft foods that can help people thrive when they are at their most vulnerable.

Pure Food offers a cost-effective, nutritionally balanced, energy-rich range of foods that not only taste great but look great as well.
You can order a full meal combination selected by the chef: $7.50 eg. Golden Roast chicken with creamy spinach and caramelised roast veges or order separate sachets to suit your own taste preference. Protein sachets $3.00 each eg. Lamb Ragout, Baked fish, Roast Lamb etc and separate veges $2.50 eg. Creamy boccoli, roast beetroot, spiced pumpkin etc.
See the full range of meals and individual sachets on the website or ring the number above for the brochure and more information.


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