Changes to Metro bus services in Christchurch

Metro has advised us that some bus routes will have timetable changes and different buses on some routes from Sunday 29 November, as new operator contracts begin.

These changes mean that many services change to a different operator, and a different bus may be used on your route.

If you are used to having a Red Bus branded vehicle on your route, it may now be a Go Bus branded vehicle instead, and vice versa. Your bus might also be in the new teal livery as it continues to roll out across the network.

Checking the destination screen on the bus is the best way to confirm it is your service.

Did you know that Metro provides several options to assist people with accessibility issues:

Bus route signs

Do you have difficulty identifying your bus as it approaches?
Waterproof bus route signs are A4 in size and designed to be held at chest height while facing the direction your bus will be approaching from. Drivers are trained to look out for the signs and stop to pick up passengers. If you would like cards for the bus routes you travel on, email or call Metro to have them sent out to you free of charge.

Large format bus timetables

Large format timetables are available from Metroinfo for customers with low vision. To request copies of large-format timetables, please contact Metro.

Total Mobility Scheme
This is a subsidised taxi transport scheme offered by Environment Canterbury to assist eligible people with impairments to access appropriate transport. This service provides subsidised door-to-door transport services for registered passengers. Find out more about the Total Mobility Scheme in Canterbury on Metro’s website, or give them a call.

Plan ahead

Metro advises passengers to check now if their timetable or operator is changing on 29 November. The Metro website has a Journey Planner tool which allows you to forward plan to see if the timetable changes impact your usual journey.

A full list of all changes, including the operator for each service and the timetable from 29 November onwards, is available at

You can reach the MetroInfo team on 03 366 88 55 or