Hearing Association

/ The Christchurch Hearing Association Inc is a voluntary organisation formed in 1938. Hearing Associations throughout New Zealand now offer unbiased information about hearing matters to all, and offer a valuable first-port-of-call to the hearing impaired, their families and friends. The Hearing Association offers the following services: *Field worker who will visit Rest Homes for … Continued

Fire Service smoke alarms

A smoke alarm monitors the air for smoke and the invisible particles produced by combustion. It sounds an alarm when it detects them. There are two types available: An Ionisation Smoke Alarm measures the reduction of an electric current when smoke particles enter the ionisation chamber. The reduction in current triggers the alarm. This type … Continued

St John

For the Christchurch AMBULANCE Service ring 111. ST JOHN MEDICAL ALARMS 0800 50 23 23. Talks available on request. CARING CALLER 0800 780 780 (a free service) is a friend who provides regular friendship calls. Training is provided for people wishing to become a Caring Caller. To apply ring 0800 785 646. ST JOHN FIRST … Continued

Securely Personal Alarm System ( Was Bupa )

Bupa Personal Alarms are now owned and operated by Securely. On 22 June 2018, Bupa New Zealand completed the sale of Bupa Medical Alarms to Securely, an award-winning security monitoring and response business owned by Electra Ltd, one of New Zealand’s largest electricity distribution companies. The business has been sold as a going concern operating … Continued

Medical Alarm Companies (Work and Income approved)

  The current MSD (Work & Income)-accredited medical alarm suppliers are: ADT Security Ltd – 0800 111 238 –  adt.nevalone.nz@tycoint.com VitalCall (Chubb New Zealand) – 0800 20 30 40 – medical@chubb.co.nz Freedom Medical Alarms (WFA) – 0800 380 280 – admin@freedommedical.co.nz Red Wolf High Level Monitoring – 0800 673 252 – medalarms@redwolfmonitoring.net.nz St John Medical … Continued

St John Lifelink Medical Alarm

No matter where you are in your home, or out in the garden, if ever you need medical assistance, simply press your St John Lifelink Medical Alarm (pendant or wristband) button. They are lightweight, water resistant and can be worn in the shower. The call will go straight to the St John Communications Centre and … Continued