The Accredited Visiting Service (AVS) helps reduce loneliness by providing friendship and companionship through a weekly visit from a volunteer visitor, enhancing the well-being and quality of life of the older person.

Our Accredited Visiting Service (AVS) has caring volunteers who are keen to spend time with an older person. A regular visit is something to look forward to. We can match you with a volunteer who shares your interests, and who would love to get to know you.

Our volunteers visit on a regular basis for about an hour each week. They tell us that they enjoy the opportunity to get to know an older person, and that they benefit and learn from the experience.

Do you know an older person who needs more company?

AVS is for people over 65 who live in the community, are at risk of social isolation due to having no or few regular visitors, and are able to contribute to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Family or friends can refer an older person, or couple. Just be sure to ask their permission first and then call Liz Reese on 331 7816 or Emma Parker on 331 7809

Health professionals please use the attached referral form Visiting Service (AVS) Referral Form

Being a visitor is a rewarding experience

Are you warm, friendly and keen to spend time with an older person? Please look at our volunteer page here for details.

Research shows that social isolation and loneliness can lead to serious health issues such as depression, anxiety, malnutrition and weight loss.

Current research indicates that about half of older New Zealanders experience some level of loneliness and 8-9% feel lonely all or most of the time. This is important not just because loneliness is painful but because having inadequate social relationships has shown to be as bad for health as smoking. It has also been linked to increased likelihood of entering rest home care.

The good news is that there is growing information on effective interventions to reduce loneliness and social isolation.

Please contact Age Concern for more information.

For more information: Research Report on Social Isolation

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