A troubled older person, family member, a neighbour or a friend may call about health needs or social issues.

If there is a situation causing you concern, we are available for, advice, advocacy, assistance, referral and support. The concern may be related to a health or social need.

Registered nurses or a social worker will assess and may visit you or the person involved and help them decide a way forward. The Community Health Team often serve as ‘navigators’ through the complex healthcare and social service systems, ensuring that older people have access to services and information.

The team have a wide knowledge of the needs of older people and their carers and work closely with other community based organisations and health professionals who also provide support and services.

Contact is by phone, email,referral or in person, and can be made by the individual concerned, family/whanau, health professionals or members of the public.



 Contact the Health Team on (03) 366-0903 or make a referral.