. This station is now located in the Justice and Emergency Precinct, Lichfield Street  ( opposite the Lichfield Car Park)    Christchurch. For emergency calls dial 111 For non emergency calls dial the number above. For community constables go to http://maps.aa.co.nz/browse/amenities/police/canterbury/christchurch+city This lists the suburbs and the details of the related community constable. http://www.police.govt.nz/about-us/publication/arms-code/firearms-licensing

Victims’ Rights

Information is available through Victim Support on the above numbers or nationally on: GET HELP: 0800 VICTIM ( 0800 842 846  There is a  full & comprehensive information on the website explaining an individual’s rights as a victim. The Victims’ Rights Act 2002 (the Act) replaces the Victims of Offences Act 1987. It came into … Continued

Community Watch Riccarton

Mobile patrol in the greater Riccarton area, being another set of eyes & ears, in doing so making the community a safer place to live & work in. Notifying various departments where a hazard exists, street lights out, broken road signs, supermarket trolleys abandoned, etc. Removing graffiti from CCC property within 48 hours where possible. … Continued

Community Watch- Christchurch South

To enhance police-community co-operations for a safer community. Info also available at the: Christchurch South Police Station. 154-158 Colombo Street, Beckenham.

Safer Christchurch

A crime prevention organisation which works in partnership with the community, central Government agencies and local government to ensure there is a co-ordinated approach to crime prevention and the development of safer communities in Christchurch.

Safer Christchurch Inter-Agency Group

An Inter-Agency Group which oversees the Safer Christchurch Strategy with a co-ordinated approach to Crime Prevention, Injury Prevention and Road Safety.