Captioned telephone – CapTel

Phone CapTel is a captioned telephone that connects to the internet and displays captions of your conversation while you are speaking. Just like an ordinary phone you listen to what the other person says and respond, but with one major difference – what they say is also displayed on a screen for you to read. … Continued

Deaf Aotearoa NZ

Provides needs assessment and co-ordination service for people who are profoundly deaf of any age. Also provide interpreters by booking service called iSign, phone 0800 9346837. Run an employment service for deaf people 16-65 and also Adult education programmes.

NZ Relay

Telecommunication services for people who are deaf, hearing impaired, deafblind and speech impaired. A standard phone user can also use NZ Relay to make phone calls to deaf, hearing impaired, deafblind and speech impaired by connecting to a relay assistant who relays the entire conversation to your caller. The help desk is available 24 hours … Continued

Deaf Society of Canterbury (Inc)

The Deaf Society of Canterbury has been in existence since 1922 providing facilities for Deaf members of the community to meet and share their common language (New Zealand Sign Language, NZ’s 3rd official language), culture, history and social, sporting and recreational activities. For further information contact the above telephone number or text the cell phone … Continued

Reid Technology

Supplies the following: Assistive Listening Devices and Alarm Systems Stock a wide range of amplified telephones – both corded and cordless, as well as wireless alarm systems for the deaf and hearing impaired. We also stock infra-red cordless systems for television and radio for home or office, and cross-the-counter hearing aid batteries. Personal amplifiers are … Continued


Deaf-Quip has a large range of equipment suitable for the hearing impaired eg. amplified telephones and accessories. Trials are not a problem and there is  no obligation to purchase. Ring Tony at above telephone number for further information. Categories: Deaf Hard of Hearing Deaf/Blind