Hearing True – hearing aids

Quality & Affordable Hearing Products – Unbeatable Price & Quality Mix. Hearing True offers affordable solutions for people with mild to profound loss. Hearing True are founded on the premise that top quality  aids should be affordable. To do this they have exclusive access to a top European and US manufacturer who are committed to … Continued

Hearing Excellence Ltd

Home visits, have open clinics twice a day where an appointment is not necessary. Also have a Nurse carrying out ear cleaning on Thursday 9am-12noon Hold a clinic in Ashburton. For further information on their services, ring the above telephone number.

Hearing Aid Specialists

Hearing Aid Specialists Ltd has Audiologists with 25 years experience Doctor of Audiology Clinics in Christchurch, Greymouth, Westport and Hokitika They have affiliates to every brand and choice of hearing aids based solely on clients’ requirements ACC accredited Able to provide a $500 Government subsidy for each ear ($1000.00 for both ears) Also half price … Continued

Financial Assistance with Hearing Aids

Sources of Financial Assistance & Donated Aids: Hearing aids can cost from several hundred to thousands of dollars. There are a number of sources of financial assistance for people needing to purchase aids. However some sources of assistance are only available through members of the NEW ZEALAND AUDIOLOGICAL SOCIETY & people need to be aware … Continued

Gordon & Till Audiology

Friendly ,affordable, high quality hearing care. Locally owned and operated. Services include free hearing screening, full hearing tests and a full range of hearing aids. A full hearing test is free with the purchase of hearing aids. Home visits by arrangement.

Reid Technology

Supplies the following: Assistive Listening Devices and Alarm Systems Stock a wide range of amplified telephones – both corded and cordless, as well as wireless alarm systems for the deaf and hearing impaired. We also stock infra-red cordless systems for television and radio for home or office, and cross-the-counter hearing aid batteries. Personal amplifiers are … Continued