Southern Music Therapy

Southern Music Therapy (SMT) is a private practice founded and owned by Kimberley Wade (Jones). Her vision is to provide a professional service with a team of Registered Music Therapists that is dynamic, creative, supportive and developing. Where the therapists feel supported and the therapy is client centered. Group and individual sessions available. Canterbrainers Choir … Continued

Cantabrainers Choir

If you, or someone you know, has a neurological condition, then  the Cantabrainers Choir,  is for you.  This is a  choir for people with conditons including; stroke, parkinson’s and muliple sclerosis. Inspired by the Auckland CeleBRation Choir and research into the ability of the brain to rewire itself, this choir is different because it is … Continued

Therapy Professionals Limited

This organisation has a motivated team of expert therapists, carefully selected to provide a fully integrated service to people with disabilities and their carers. A range of therapists: Physio, Speech Language, Music, Occupational Therapists, Dietitians and Therapy assistants. Therapy Professionals works with: -the elderly -children with special needs -people with head injuries -those with physical … Continued