. This station is now located in the Justice and Emergency Precinct, Lichfield Street  ( opposite the Lichfield Car Park)    Christchurch. For emergency calls dial 111 For non emergency calls dial the number above. For community constables go to http://maps.aa.co.nz/browse/amenities/police/canterbury/christchurch+city This lists the suburbs and the details of the related community constable. http://www.police.govt.nz/about-us/publication/arms-code/firearms-licensing

Interlock & Securicraft Products

Practical security solutions for your home. Securicraft has a range of security products which are easy to install and inexpensive, offering effective security solutions for almost any situation. Willing to do a security survey in the home at no charge. Also stock a range of other security products. For further information and advice ring the … Continued

Canterbury Neighbourhood Support Inc

Canterbury Neighbourhood Support is now becoming involved in partnerships with NZ Fire Service, Police, ACC, Civil Defence and Emergency Management and others. Become a member of a Neighbourhood Support Group. They can make your neighbourhood a safer and more friendly place. Statistically, if you belong to a group, you lessen your chances of becoming the … Continued

St John

For the Christchurch AMBULANCE Service ring 111. ST JOHN MEDICAL ALARMS 0800 50 23 23. Talks available on request. CARING CALLER 0800 780 780 (a free service) is a friend who provides regular friendship calls. Training is provided for people wishing to become a Caring Caller. To apply ring 0800 785 646. ST JOHN FIRST … Continued

St John Lifelink Medical Alarm

No matter where you are in your home, or out in the garden, if ever you need medical assistance, simply press your St John Lifelink Medical Alarm (pendant or wristband) button. They are lightweight, water resistant and can be worn in the shower. The call will go straight to the St John Communications Centre and … Continued

Safer Christchurch Inter-Agency Group

An Inter-Agency Group which oversees the Safer Christchurch Strategy with a co-ordinated approach to Crime Prevention, Injury Prevention and Road Safety.