Lyttelton Visitors Centre

New Address is 20 Oxford Street, Lyttelton Hours are: Monday to Saturday 10.00am to 4.00pm; Sunday 11.00am to 3.00pm. For further information, either ring the above telephone

Lyttelton Community House

The current opening hours for Community House are 10am – 2pm The Concept A community house or cottage is a place where people from the community can make friends, have a cup of tea, coffee, get help and make connections with other agencies if needed, or have a chat. There are a number of such … Continued

Lyttelton Patchwork Group

Meets on 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings at 7 pm. For further information, ring either Aileen or Sandie on the above telephone numbers to ask about the venue.

Lyttelton Recreation Centre

The Lyttelton Recreation Centre reopened in early 2016. and is managed by the Christchurch City Couincil  Community Facilities Advisor.    . Please see the website for the activities or community bookings.