Granny Villas – Sustainable Housing Solution



1 Aylsham Lane
Christchurch 8051

354 3511

Peter Stevens and Associates



A warm, efficient and low maintenance housing solution for those who are in a position to share their section with a parent/other. It provides a comfortable home separate from the main dwelling that is purchased back and removed when it is no longer required.(The dwelling is permitted by local authorities on the condition that when it is no longer required Peter Stevens and Associates buy it back and pass it on to another property owner). The initial outlay is upfront but there is a sum repaid when the dwelling is purchased back and removed. This is generally 10% less than the initial outlay to purchase the dwelling. Therefore the long term outlay is the difference between the purchase price and the sell back price at the end of term.
The concept provides a home for the person requiring accommodation, separate from the householder but on site for assistance, or help from a carer as required.
The outlay to purchase the one/two bedroom dwelling with living, bathroom and cooking facilities, may be met by the sale of the individual’s former home and prices start at $110,000(with disabled access).
A display villa is at 311 Cranford Street in the front yard of Cranford Mowers and Chainsaws, next door to Placemakers.
Enquires through Peter, on the number above, who will be happy to show you through.


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