Walking Sticks – Advice on Proper Fit



To obtain the maximum support from a walking stick it must be a proper fit & used correctly. Before you purchase a walking stick consider the following:-

Select from the various styles of canes by considering the stability each offers.

Choose a cane that is light.

To select the proper length for a cane, stand up straight with your shoes on & arms at your sides. The top of the cane should reach the crease on the underside of your wrist.

If the cane is a proper fit your elbow will be flexed 15-20 degrees when you hold the cane while standing.

Choose an adjustable cane if you plan to wear different styles of shoes.

Make sure you have a good grip of the cane & that the fingers & thumb do not overlap.

Shift as much weight to the cane as necessary.

Make sure that the tip of the cane is in good condition & that it is replaceable.

Hold the cane with the opposite hand of the side that needs extra support.

When ascending stairs, step first with the cane & good foot following with the bad side.

When descending stairs, step first with the bad foot & follow with the cane & good foot.


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