Beware of Scams

It seems to be that time of year.  We are getting increasing reports of dodgy door-to-door sales people, phone and email scams.

Remember to always look after your personal details in the same way you would with your wallet and personal possessions, and be wary of door-to-door sales people who offer you goods or services you have not asked for. (Insulation is one that is prevalent at the moment.)

Government agencies and reputable companies will never call you to ask for your bank account or credit card details. If you receive a call like this and have any doubts about its legitimacy, double check their details or simply hang up the phone. If they claim to be a bank or organisation, call them back on the number on their official website or the phone book and ask to confirm the call.

Everybody has the right to enter your property and knock on your door but you can take away a salesperson”s right by displaying a “Do Not Knock” sticker.  If a salesperson ignores the sticker, they are likely to be trespassing. We have a supply of these stickers at Age Concern Canterbury or they are available through Consumer.

If you buy good goods or services from a door-to-door seller and the value is more than $100, you have the right to cancel for any reason.  The seller must tell you this verbally and in writing.  You can cancel the deal within five working days of receiving a written agreement.