The Department of Internal Affairs

Christchurch Office   120 Hereford Street   Christchurch 8011    Hours 8-30am to 5pm except for Wednesdays 9-00am to 5pm.  For 100th & over birthdays; Diamond (60th) and other wedding anniversaries, Officers of Department will advise on procedure but at least three months, notice is required. PASSPORTS 0800 22 50 50. Application forms can be obtained … Continued

Wedding Anniversaries

WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES 1st paper; 2nd cotton; 3rd leather; 4th linen; 5th wood; 6th iron; 7th wool; 8th bronze; 9th pottery; 10th tin; 15th crystal; 20th china; 25th silver; 30th pearl 35th coral/jade; 40th ruby; 45th sapphire; 50th gold; 55th emerald; 60th diamond.