Gentle Yoga at Yoga by Karma

Why practice gentle yoga as an older adult? Research has shown that older adults who participate in Gentle Yoga experience a wide range of positive effects including maintained or increased mobility, balance, strength, while promoting good bone and joint health. Along with the physical elements, Gentle Yoga can improve memory, mental health, and sleep patterns. … Continued

KTS Wellbeing

Creating solutions to ensure our clients physical, emotional and practical needs are met. A mum, sister, aunt and daughter trio from a family that has always supported and cared for one other. Offer a trustworthy, resourceful and diligent service for their clients. -Gardening maintenance -House maintenance -Personal shopping -Healthcare advocacy -Walking buddies -Christmas shopping -Personal … Continued

Bay Audiology – Papanui Clinic

Bay Audiology are an independent provider of hearing solutions able to offer a wide range of technology, with personalised solutions to fit your needs and your budget. Aids range from: Starter at $1500 – $2590 per pair Middle at $3990 – $5590 per pair Elite at $7590 – $9590 per pair     Call to   check … Continued

Mental Health Education and Resource Centre

MHERC offers a free mental health library for the people of the South Island. Books, CDs, DVDs and videos on a wide range of mental health topics are available for loan. A free return postal service is available to anyone who lives in the South Island. The library service can be accessed in person at … Continued

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis /Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Description of Services:  MECFS Canterbury offers support, advocacy and education for people affected by ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). We also provide education about ME/CFS for health and other professionals.      Our charity provides a variety of services including:  In-person and online Group Support & Education Meetings for people with ME/CFS and their whānau  An … Continued

The Pure Food Co. ( A meal alternative ) Meals

/ Let food be your medicine Fresh, easy, nourishing and delicious pureed food that looks and tastes really good. Particularly appropriate for those who find it difficult or impossible to eat normal food, requiring a radically modified diet that is safe to swallow. Research revealed the eating experience for far too many people was distressing. … Continued

Medical Council of New Zealand

To practise, doctors must be registered. Registration means the doctor is trained to standards set and monitored by theThe Medical Council of New Zealand. The medical register is available from the website above. It includes doctors’ names, qualifications, details of when they were registered and any restrictions on the doctor to practise. Doctors update their … Continued

Health magazine for Pacific People

Providing key information and content to help improve the general health of New Zealand’s Pacifc population is behind the launch of this publication. Content is based on creating greater self awareness of one’s own health and of those around them. It’s a strengths-based focus with practical help and advice, utilising Pacific people who are experts … Continued

Healthy Day at the Pa

Te Puawaitanga Ki Otautahi Trust A social group that meets the last Friday of the month to enjoy a meal and educational talk at Tauhiwi Marae.

Elder Care Canterbury ( Eldercare Canterbury )

Elder Care Canterbury is a collective of people representing organisations, service providers and consumers who have an interest in improving health services for older people of Canterbury. It has open membership and is coordinated by an employed Coordinator. Elder Care Canterbury is community based and community driven. It is “older person focussed” and enables active … Continued