Bladder Helpline

Provide information to people who call the 0800 number above on most continence issues. Can also refer people on to the correct continence service provider in their area. People can contact them on 0800 650 659. They also have a lot of information on their website. Also see database entry under Continence Advisory Service Nurse … Continued

Continence Advisory Service Nurse Maude

The service provides: – Support for adults & children (from 4 years) who experience bladder and/or bowel problems. – Assessment, education & treatment on a one to one basis. – Liaison with other health professionals & agencies. – Information & education to the community & health professionals. – A free service except some charges for … Continued

Depend Products

Depend Products give guaranteed protection . Offer a range of extra absorbent products that are comfortable and discreet. For further information phone the Depend Consumer Advisory Service, toll free on 0800 733 703 (this is an Australian answerphone, call after 7.45am)

Stay Dry Products Ltd

Stay Dry Products was originally started in 1991. After finding there was a need for incontinence briefs. So the first brief was designed and tested and found to work really well. The orders started coming in and the business began to expand with marketing in residential homes. From there the products also began to expand … Continued