Mental Health Advocacy & Peer Support (MHAPS )

MHAPS is a peer-led and peer-delivered mental health and addictions service, meaning that all of our staff have their own lived experience of mental distress and/or addictions, and of meaningful recovery. Our own experience helps us to listen carefully to you, as we have been there too. Options at MHAPS include: Peer Advocacy; Peer Support … Continued

Supporting families Canterbury

Supporting families, whanau and carers of people with mental illness including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, schizo-affective disorder, major depression and related disorders and borderline personality disorder.. Services are free of charge. A community organisation providing support, education courses, advocacy, support groups, referrals to other services, information/resources. They offer support by phone, in your own home, in … Continued

Schizophrenia Fellowship Canterbury Inc

Offer support, information, education, referral and advocacy services for families/whanau including people affected by major mental illness. The Fellowship includes a rehabilitation activity programme and supported employment : Zoodoo Composting Scheme, at 793 McCleans Island Rd, Christchurch.