Medical Council of New Zealand

To practise, doctors must be registered. Registration means the doctor is trained to standards set and monitored by theThe Medical Council of New Zealand. The medical register is available from the website above. It includes doctors’ names, qualifications, details of when they were registered and any restrictions on the doctor to practise. Doctors update their … Continued

Insurance & Savings Ombudsman

website: The website gives terms of reference and a list of members of the scheme. The Insurance and Savings Ombudsman deals with unresolved personal and domestic insurance problems. However, clients must first try to resolve their complaint through the company’s internal complaints procedure and get a letter of deadlock. SUMMARY * Free independent scheme … Continued

Retina New Zealand Inc. – Macular degeneration

Telephone-Based Peer Support If you have been diagnosed with a retinal disorder, have a family member or close friend who has, or just want to find out more about Retina NZ, ring 0800 233 833 (New Zealand only) to talk to a peer support co-ordinator. This is a voluntary organisation supporting people with retinal degenerative … Continued

Health Cert- Quality and Safety ( Rest Home Audits )

Certification of Healthcare Services     General information This webpage provides information for providers of hospital and rest home services and residential care for people with disabilities and to the public about the certification of these services. Changes have been made to the legislation for the licensing of hospitals and rest homes and the registration … Continued

Age Concern New Zealand Inc (National Office)

They work to serve the needs of older people by offering nationally contracted services, education, resources and national leadership. Age Concern New Zealand works for older people by coordinating and supporting vital services offered at the local level such as Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention and Accredited Visiting. They depend on donations, bequests and grants … Continued

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority EECA

EECA is a government agency that promotes energy efficiency and renewable energy in New Zealand. They can offer energywise tips to help people to live more comfortably during the winter months and trim their energy bills. For more information on saving energy visit the website or ring the freephone number. Give advice on energy efficiency … Continued

Office for Senior Citizens / Provides Minister for Senior Citizens with policy advice on matters relating to the well-being of older people in NZ. Works closely with a wide range of government agencies to develop policy and also has a policy commentary role. The Office links closely with community organisations representing the interests of older people, such … Continued

Hospice New Zealand

HospiceNZ is the national organisation responsible for the promotion of access to quality hospice/palliative care in New Zealand. Most hospice/palliative care services are members of Hospice New Zealand and are committed to achieving “The Hospice New Zealand Standards for Provision of Hospice/Palliative Care”. To be referred to a Hospice Palliative Care Service near you, contact … Continued