Canterbury Dist. Health Board Interpreter Services CDHB


Interpreter Services (Customer Servs)
Lower ground floor
Christchurch Hospital

364 0669

Kerin Henderson



The Service provides access to interpreters providing for OVER 50 languages and dialects to ensure patients who do not understand or speak English are able to participate in making decisions about their health care and treatment.

NOTE: This service is for patients attending Christchurch Public, Burwood, Hillmorton, Princess Margaret & Christchurch Women’s Hospitals, the Community and Public Health Service and Cervical Screening. Information about this service can be obtained from the CDHB website.
The Customer Services Office will help you with any concerns you may have about your care and treatment.
Telephone:364 0843

The interpreters ARE BOUND BY A CODE OF Ethics; bound by the Health Information Privacy Code (1994) ensuring the patient’s confidentiality and privacy is maintained; able to brief staff on the patient’s cultural beliefs; able to ensure informed consent, if consent is to be given by the patient.
The service is provided at no charge to the patient. Conditions apply.


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