Leaky Buildings/Homes


As a result of a recent report by the Building Industry Authority ( BIA) www.dbh.govt.nz there has been a lot of media and political attention about the problem. The Building Industry Authority suggests the following contacts:
1. Local Council
2. BRANZ (Building Research Association of New Zealand) ‘phone
04 237 1170. BRANZ have accredited advisors who should be able to assist with advice. Website: www.branz.co.nz 0900 59090- Home owners (calls cost $1.99/min + GST)
0800 808085 ext 1 – Builders
3.NZ Institute of Building Surveyors 0800 113 400. Members of this Institute are experienced and trained to investigate a variety of building problems, including leaks. the website will give details of builders who have Weathertight Certification in locality.
A ‘Weathertightness Service’ has been set up by the Governent to help homeowners who own properties that are leaky and the leaking is causing rotting problems.
Information about the service is available on the website: www.dbh.govt.nz


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