Canterbury-Westland Branch New Zealand Law Society

Hold a directory of solicitors. Should a caller have any concerns with regard to their Lawyer please ring or fax the Society at the above numbers. The Society regulates all lawyers, but membership of the Society is voluntary. Among the Society’s regulatory activities are: issuing practising certificates maintaining a register of lawyers making practice rules … Continued

Medical Council of New Zealand

To practise, doctors must be registered. Registration means the doctor is trained to standards set and monitored by theThe Medical Council of New Zealand. The medical register is available from the website above. It includes doctors’ names, qualifications, details of when they were registered and any restrictions on the doctor to practise. Doctors update their … Continued

New Zealand Law Society

The Society regulates all lawyers, but membership of the Society is voluntary. They include controlling and regulating the practice of the profession of law in New Zealand, and assisting and promoting the reform of the law (for the purpose of upholding the rule of law and the administration of justice). Among the Society’s regulatory activities … Continued

Graffiti Hotline

If you have seen tagging or your property has been tagged please report this to Christchurch City Council phone (03) 941 8999 and for Banks Peninsula residents 0800 800 169 or email . It is important to report this as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made to have it removed (if … Continued

Energy Retail Companies

CONTACT ENERGY LTD – Call free 0800 300 400 Fax: (04) 499 4003 For bottled gas call 0800 762 542 Website: PO Box 10742 The Terrace Wellington 6143 EMPOWER – See Contact Energy for details GENESIS ENERGY – Call Free 0800 300 400 Fax 0800 110 999 Email: Website: MERCURY ENERGY – … Continued

Insurance & Savings Ombudsman

website: The website gives terms of reference and a list of members of the scheme. The Insurance and Savings Ombudsman deals with unresolved personal and domestic insurance problems. However, clients must first try to resolve their complaint through the company’s internal complaints procedure and get a letter of deadlock. SUMMARY * Free independent scheme … Continued

Insurance Council

The Insurance Council of New Zealand represents the general insurance industry in New Zealand. Insurance Council advises on queries about Insurance Companies. Fire and General Insurance and Health Funds Association. However, client must have first exhausted their own Insurance Company’s internal complaints procedure. For the Investment Saving and Insurance Assn which deals with Life Insurance … Continued

Office Of The Ombudsmen

Website: An Ombudsman can investigate a complaint against central government departments and some corporations, local government organisations, and statutory boards such as hospital, education, harbour boards and electric supply authorities. There are some restrictions on the Ombudsman’s powers to investigate the actions of the Police or members of the Armed Forces. An Ombudsman cannot … Continued

Residents rights in Rest Homes/Hospitals and Rest Home audits

Rest home audits can be viewed on: Rights of Older People in Residential Care: Quality of life is a fundamental human right. Individual residents are entitled to be treated with respect and have their physical, social, cultural and spiritual needs met. Residents have the right to: * A clean, caring, environment * Healthy appetising … Continued

Nationwide Health & Disability Advocacy Service

The Health and Disability Commissioner is an independent agency set up to: promote and protect the rights of consumers who use health and disability services; help resolve problems between consumers and providers of health and disability services; and improve the quality of health care and disability services. The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ … Continued