Prostate Cancer Foundation



Postal Address
P O Box 6284
Christchurch 8442

332 4764

Ants Parder



Mission statement: “To create or enhance an environment to empower men to make informed decisions about the diagnosis of, and treatment for, prostate cancer.”

Guest speakers talk on a wide range of topics related to prostate problems. Aim to keep formal business to a minimum and spend plenty of time on informal chat, to share experiences. This is valuable as the group comprises people who have just started the journey through to members with many years experience. Prostate cancer does not only affect men, in that partners and families become involved and so the group is not restricted and welcomes anyone along who would like to visit.

Another part of their role is in the area of education where they have speakers available to speak to groups about raising the awareness of the serious health issues men face yet are frequently not addressed until problems have developed and may have gone too far. They’re more than happy to be invited to do so please feel free to contact them about this service.

They have a national 0800 help line which is 0800 62 72 77. Also produced a small leaflet.
Christchurch support group : Ants Parder, Phone 03 332 4764. Cell phone 021 897 395


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