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Rights of Older People in Residential Care: Quality of life is a fundamental human right. Individual residents are entitled to be treated with respect and have their physical, social, cultural and spiritual needs met. Residents have the right to:
* A clean, caring, environment
* Healthy appetising food
* Privacy
* Freedom from mental and physical abuse and neglect
* Involvement in decisions that affect their day to day living
* Have a say about arrangements for their medical care
* Manage their own financial affairs
* Be free of physical restraint and excessive use of drugs

Any infringement of these rights may constitute elder abuse and/or neglect

RIGHTS: If you have witnessed or suspect incidences of abuse or neglect in a rest home or hospital:
* If possible discuss the situation with the older person.
* Arrange to meet with senior management or put your concerns in writing to them. (The urgency of this will depend on the situation.)
* Get an assurance that the older person is safe.
* If your concerns are serious or you do not believe that they will be addressed by management then you can contact either Age Concern who will support you with your complaint and assist you to progress to the next stage, or the Advocacy Services Ph377 7501, or The Licensing Office of the Ministry of Health, free phone: 0800 113 813.


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