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May 14 2015

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May 14 2015

EQC focussed on completing last 2% of home repairs

With 98% of its Canterbury home repairs completed or underway, the Earthquake Commission is ensuring the remaining claims have a clear path to being settled, EQC Chief Executive, Ian Simpson says.

“EQC has confirmed a settlement path for all but the most complex building claims, which make up the remaining 2%.

 “EQC has about 2,000 home repairs underway or with a confirmed start date in Canterbury. That leaves approximately 1300 Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP) repairs yet to begin. Of these about half are on hold because the owners have deferred repairs,” Mr Simpson says.

 As part of finalising the claims that will be settled by a managed repair, EQC has been identifying those claims that have exceeded the $100,000 EQC cap or are highly likely to. Claims over the EQC cap are passed on to private insurers.

 In the first quarter of this year we identified about 300 claims that had gone over cap or are highly likely to go over cap and have informed the customers’ private insurers.

 “We’ve also told private insurers we expect there will be approximately a further 200 more claims to go over cap. In April EQC contacted customers likely to go over cap to discuss their situation with them.

 “EQC started contacting other customers in the CHRP range who do not have a confirmed start to their managed repair. We are also calling those who have deferred their managed repair to ensure both EQC and the customers are clear by 1 June on how their building claim will be settled,” Mr Simpson says.

 From 1 June, no more customers will be accepted into CHRP unless they have a prior agreement with Fletcher EQR or EQC. EQC’s intention in setting this date, is to confirm a clear path for settlement by 1 June.

 From that date, both the customer and EQC should be clear about how the customer’s claim will be settled. Customers still in dispute can continue talking to EQC but settlement will not be as part of CHRP. Settlement will depend on their individual claim circumstances. Previously cash-settled customers will not be able to opt back in to CHRP. This is so EQC can finalise numbers left to adequately resource remaining repairs.

 “The deadline does not signal the closure of the programme and repairs will continue for as long as needed to complete those we are committed to.

 “Cash settlement remains an option, that’s why it is important for people who are not sure about their status to contact EQC or talk to other agencies, such as the Residential Advisory Service (RAS).  RAS is free and independent,” Mr Simpson says.

 Customers uncertain about their claim status can phone 0800 DAMAGE or make an appointment with EQC’s Community Contact Team which is available face-to-face at the community-led In the Know Information Hub at Eastgate Shopping Centre until 25 June.

Apr 24 2015

We have bought new premises at 24 Main North Road, Papanui. The building is being strengthened and fitted for purpose and the tentative day for our big move is 20 July. We'll keep you informed of progress.

Apr 09 2015

We're delighted to let you know that Age Concern Canterbury is one of the four groups chosen to receive support through Good in the Hood this year at Z Barrington. That means Age Concern Canterbury will receive a share of the money from Z - how much depends on how the customers at Z Barrington vote.
In May, Z Barrington will be supporting the following four groups as part of Good in the Hood:
1.Age Concern Canterbury
2.Bellyful New Zealand Trust Board
3.Big Brothers Big Sisters of Christchurch
4.The Child Cancer Foundation
The money received makes a big difference for groups like Age Concern Canterbury.
Rally the troops
Now is the time to start rallying the troops. The more votes we get, the more money we receive from Z Barrington. 
Buy your fuel at Z Barrington and be sure to put the token in the Age Concern Canterbury box.

Apr 08 2015

SAYGO - 'Steady As You Go' falls prevention exercise classes are a great way to help prevent a fall. Falls are the most common injury in an older person. One third of people over 65 fall each year and half of those over 80 fall each year. Falls are almost always associated with weakened leg muscles and poor balance. 

You could save yourself from a fall by attending a SAYGO class and improving your strength and balance.

Age Concern Canterbury is running classes at:

 The Harvard Community Lounge, Corsier Drive, Wigram on Mondays at 1.15pm. A further course is due to start at 2.30 on a Monday at the same venue.

Community Centre, Hei Hei have a class starting Monday at 10.30 from April 13.

A further group will be starting at another venue in Christchurch according to demand. Please ring and let us know of your interest and the area that would suit you.

To register in one of the classes or to express interest call 366 0903.