Health and Disability Consumer Advocacy Service

The service is provided under the Health&Disability Commissioner Act 1994. Independent advocates help and support people to know their rights and the actions they can take if they have a concern about a health or disability service. It is a free, independent, confidential service. Advocates will also give assistance to people who may have concerns … Continued

Consumer Affairs, Ministry Of

For information regarding CONSUMER enquiries or complaints, look up on the above website or contact the (CAB) Citizens Advice Bureau at 0800 367 222 or Christchurch City (Student Building Polytech) 366 6490, Christchurch North (Fendalton Library) 359 8090 Christchurch West (Hornby) 349 5236, North Canterbury 03 313 8822 or the 0800 FOR CAB-0800 367 222.

Commerce Commission

The Commerce Commission enforces legislation that promotes competition in New Zealand markets and prohibits misleading and deceptive conduct by traders. The Commission also enforces a number of pieces of legislation specific to the telecommunications, dairy and electricity industries. In ensuring compliance with the legislation it enforces, the Commission undertakes investigation and where appropriate takes court … Continued

The Electricity and Gas Complaints Commission

The Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner Scheme offers a free independent dispute resolution service for complaints about New Zealand electricity and gas companies that are members. Please contact them to talk about any issues or concerns with an electricity or gas company. They can help you work out whether it is something you can make … Continued

Health Cert- Quality and Safety ( Rest Home Audits )

Certification of Healthcare Services     General information This webpage provides information for providers of hospital and rest home services and residential care for people with disabilities and to the public about the certification of these services. Changes have been made to the legislation for the licensing of hospitals and rest homes and the registration … Continued

Privacy Commissioner

The Privacy Commissioner’s Office works to develop and promote a culture in which personal information is protected and respected. The Privacy Commissioner administers the Privacy Act 1993. The Privacy Act applies to almost every person, business or organisation in New Zealand. The Act sets out 12 privacy principles that guide how personal information can be … Continued

Leaky Buildings/Homes

As a result of a recent report by the Building Industry Authority ( BIA) there has been a lot of media and political attention about the problem. The Building Industry Authority suggests the following contacts: 1. Local Council 2. BRANZ (Building Research Association of New Zealand) ‘phone 04 237 1170. BRANZ have accredited advisors … Continued

Dental Association NZ (Canterbury Branch)

A professional organisation for dentists. Will look into consumer complaints and endeavour to resolve the problem. For further information, the above two contacts (who are practising dentists) are the Consumer Relations Officers for the Canterbury area.

Dental Council of New Zealand

The Dental Council of New Zealand is the statutory body constituted to protect the public by regulating the practice of dentistry. They do this by means of our statutory responsibilites for registration, education, professional conduct and health. Their primary role is to promote and protect the public interest by ensuring that oral health practitioners are … Continued

Banking Ombudsman

/ Monday – Friday 8.30 – 5.00 The banking ombudsman is a free, external and independent process to help people sort out their unresolved problems with banks. Anyone can use the scheme, including groups of people such as partnerships, clubs and companies, so long as the complaint is against one of the following banks: ANZ … Continued