Adult Community Referral Centre – ACRC (formerly Older Persons Health)


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Many subsidised services are available to help people remain independent and in their own home through the Adult Community Referral Centre ( ACRC ). They can be referred to you through your GP. If you are having difficulty with day to day tasks around the home, cooking, or with personal care please discuss this with your GP who will make a referral to the Needs Assessment Team ( NASC ).
Dedicated, caring teams at ACRC work with older people and other caregivers to provide home support and psychiatric/geriatric services including assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. Assessment Office Hours are 08.30am-5pm. A team approach with a community focus. * Physiotherapists * Speech Language Therapists * Specialist Psychiatrists * Dietitians * Specialist Nurses * Occupational Therapists * Social Workers * Specialist Physicians * Clinical Psychologists.


Assessment, Dementia, Health, Mental Health


Burwood, Christchurch