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Established in the early 1990s by family carers, Carers NZ is now a national registered charity which provides information, advice, learning and support for families with health and disability needs.
It is the Secretariat for the NZ Carers Alliance, and acts as the legal umbrella for a number of special interest groups including:
An emerging coalition of regional carer support networks, uniting the voices of independent groups and those hosted by disease and condition specific organisations.

It participates in many government reference and working groups, and actively lobbies agencies, to ensure that the voice of family carers is heard in policy decision-making in health, education, social services, housing, transport, labour, and other important areas.  A primary role of Carers NZ is to ensure political and policy awareness about carers, their role and their needs within New Zealand, and internationally.

Tips for carers

  • Plan for regular short breaks – take a look at the Time Out respite planning guide to help you
  • Find a relief carer using the online carer matching service MyCare at
  • Have a plan in place for emergencies – you can download a template at
  • Connect with other carers in your community – find local support groups through
    Carers NZ 0800 777 797
  • Make self-care a priority – your own safety and wellbeing is important too


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